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People listen to and play the Native American flute for any number of reasons: reflection, meditation, relaxation, even prayer. These were not its intended purpose. The "love flute," according to the Lakota legend of the flute, was originally an instrument of courting. The legend says that a young man, while hunting in the forest, came upon a tree which had been eaten away by termites and pecked with holes by woodpeckers. As the wind stirred, a beautiful sound came from its branches. The young man removed a branch and returned to his village. This branch would become the first flute.

As an instrument of courting, the flute was played only by men. It was believed that when a young man played his flute, the wind would carry the song into the heart of his chosen love.

The Native American flute has a limited musical scale, or range. The character of each instrument reflects the character of the maker as much as the player. Flutes are made one at a time and by hand (usually from cedar) and the specifications used are unique to the maker. The length from elbow to fingertip or the width of a thumb help to determine the size and tone of the finished product. There are no standardized dimensions and therefore no standardized sound. Each flute is a sculpture, a physical work of art which produces music.

Individual Artists and Bands

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Donald Ahdunk

Anakwad (Frank Montano)

Jim Beer and the River

Big City Indians

Blue Water

Douglas Bluefeather

Jim Boyd & Rez Bound

Tony Brave

Breach of Trust

Broken Walls



Charlie Wayne

Robert Tree Cody

Rita Coolidge

Dark Feather

Brent Michael Davids

Leonard Eagle Cloud

Wade Fernandez

The Fire This Time

Joseph Flying Bye

Golana's Native American Flute

Alice Gomez

William Gutierrez

Dennis Hawk

Joy Harjo & The Real


J.C. High Eagle


Jani Lauzon

Wayne Lavallee

David Little Elk

Charles Littleleaf

Kevin Locke

Duane Loken

Howard Lyons

Stu McLean Band

Mandaree Singers

Loma L. Mathias

Russell Means

Medícíne Dream

Bill Miller Official Site

Robert Mirabel



Carlos Nakai

Native Roots

Native Sun Symphony


Oyate Music Group Recordings - Lakota Label

Star Nayea

Sonny Nevaquaya



John-Carlos Perea

Red Earth


Carlos Reynosa

Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson and The Band


Buffy Sainte-Marie

Keith Secola and the Wild Band of Indians

Knifewing Segura

Joanne Shenandoah


Southern Thunder Singers

Spirit Rock Singers

Arigon Starr

StrongHeart Singers

Smithsonian Folkways  

Shannon Thunderbird

Treetown Singers

John Two-Hawks

Voice of the Golden Eagle

The Westwind Band

White Oak Singers,

The Whitefish Bay Singers

LaRae Wiley

Jim Wind Walker

Wolf Spirit Studio

Anne Yellow Flower  

Mary Youngblood



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