Crow Loop Necklace

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Materials List:
  2 1 x 17" loom strips
  4 1 x 18" leather strips
  17 36" Leather cording ( 2 mm)
  2 9" Leather cording ( 2 mm)
  2 Abalone or conch disc ( 1 1/4")
  704 5 mm White clam shell hishi
  64 5 mm Black cocoa shell hishi
  19 5 mm black olive shell hishi
  4 1" tin cones
    Leather hole puncher



1.)  Take 2 of the leather strips and punch holes in each strip starting 1 " from the top at 1" intervals for 15 hole on both sides of the strip about 3/4 of an inch in from the edge.


2.)  Starting with the top hole thread a 36" Leather cording through the 15 holes. Knot the end so it will not pull through. Follow the pattern below:

Row 1 - 10 white clam, 2 Black cocoa, 1 black olive, 10 white clam

Thread it cording through the other strip hole then knot the end.

Do the same pattern for the next 14 rows only increase the white clam shell hishi by 2 for each row ( example)

Row 2 - 12 White clam, 2 Black cocoa, 1 black olive, 12 White clam

Row 3 - 14 white clam, 2 Black cocoa, 1 black olive, 14 white clam

On the last row you should have: 38 white clam, 2 black cocoa, 1 black olive, 38 white clam

3.)  After you finish the last row, sew the loom strips 1" from the top of the strip onto each the leather strip ( this will cover the leather cording)

4.)  Now punch another hole in the center of the top in the strip 3/4" in from the end. Then thread one of the other 2 remaining 36" leather cording to the ends and knot to secure.

5.)  Punch two holes between the tie and the top of the loom strip the width of the holes in the 1 " disk.  Attach the disk with the 9" leather cording. Thread a hishi of each color in each cord then thread the tin cone ( small end first) and knot the end. Slide the cord up into the cone.

6.)  After this is done, sew or glue the other 2 remaining leather strips to the back of the loomed strips for a backing to cover everything.  Another way to do this is to use a 16 hole spacer. You would use the top hole for the neck cording ties.





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