How To Make Mandella's

  Written By Dee Stewart

         	The Mandella's are started by tying a center piece of rabbit skin or 
		leather in a 14 to 19 inch ring.  The center piece is nearly as large 
		as the ring.  If it is leather I usually attach or paint some a design
		on it.  Once the center piece is attached, either by gluing  or tying 
		the ends around the ring I wrap the exposed parts of the ring with either
		leather string or rabbit fur.  On the lower half of the ring, pieces of 
		rabbit fur or leather ties 16 to 20 inches long are attached.  The hanging
		pieces are then decorated with beads and feathers.  I then attach 2 large
	        feathers (either turkey or fake eagle feather) to the top of a long braid
	        of rabbit fur.  One is attached on each side of the ring. 





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