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Lady Hawke's Native American Site

Lady Hawke's Native American Newsletter


Volume 2, Issue Five, June 2003

In This Issue

  • Native Recipe

  • A Tipi Experience

  • The Curse of Huron Indian Cemetery

  • Researching your genealogy?

  • Agreement in wrongful death suit

  • June 2003 Pow-wows

Arts and Crafts

Native American Arts and Crafts

For beautiful and affordable Native American crafts visit:

Vision Quest Native American Market. 


Native Cooking

Ghost Dance Native American Cookbook

This is a very affordable, downloadable Native American Cookbook:

Vision Quest Native American Market. 


Native Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes

Makes about 6 Servings

2 lb Green tomatoes

4 Eggs 

1 1/4 c Corn meal 

3/4 c Water 

1/4 c Minced chives 

1 tb Salt 

1/4 ts Pepper, fresh 

1/4 c Butter

Slice the tomatoes 1/2" thick, but do not peel or core. Drain between several layers of paper toweling until most of the moisture of the tomatoes is absorbed. While the tomatoes are draining, make a batter by beating the eggs until light, then mixing in the corn meal, water, minced chives, salt and pepper. In a large, iron skillet, heat the butter or margarine until bubbly. Dip the tomato slices into batter, and brown quickly on both sides. 

  A Tipi Experience


A unique opportunity to experience the Native American way of life; closer to nature. Overnight in an authentic plains Tipi located on 50 private acres of forest and open fields with a panoramic view of the Jewel Basin Mountains. Horses and deer graze nearby.  

Colorful blankets cover the floor of the Tipi, pine boughs scent the air and Indian artifacts decorate. The queen size air mattress is camouflaged with simulated buffalo and lynx furs.

Located in Northwest Montana only 20 minutes from Jewel Basin, 30 minutes from Bob Marshall trailhead, 45 minutes from Glacier National Park, and 5 minutes from Flathead Lake and Bigfork, Montana..

Note:  This is a very affordable and unique experience.  To Visit The Rocky Woods Tipi click here:

Rocky Woods Tipi


The Curse Of Huron Indian Cemetery

"Cursed be the villain that molest their graves."  This is not a curse to be taken lightly. The battle to defend Huron Indian Cemetery from commercial development has been ongoing for the past 130 years. The Wyandot Nation of Kansas has always and will always defend the Huron Indian Cemetery from any threats and desecration. The Wyandot Nation of Kansas and the Wyandotte Nation - Oklahoma have signed a joint agreement dedicated to the PRESERVATION, RESTORATION and MAINTENANCE of the Huron Indian Cemetery in Kansas City Kansas.

The latest attempt at development was the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma's announcement that they had the BIA's approval to put the land next to the cemetery into trust and then turn it into a casino. In addition to the latest proposal of a casino, commercial interests have used the Federally recognized status of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma to try to turn our sacred burial ground, protected by the Treaty of 1855 as a burying ground, into a parking lot and a department store site.

Note:  This is an incredibly interesting website containing legal issues, history and many articles.

Huron Indian Cemetery

Researching Your Genealogy?

American Indian Genealogy Help Center and Message Board

A website with a message board where queries are answered by professional native researchers.  This site has links, how to help, photos, heritage lines, and  professional help.

Agreement reached in wrongful death lawsuit

ABERDEEN, S.D. - An out-of-court settlement has been reached in a civil lawsuit over the death of Robert Many Horses, 22, an American Indian found dead in a garbage can in Mobridge in June 1999.

Many Horsesí foster mother, Lila Martel of Mobridge, was named court-appointed representative of his estate and filed the suit against three people: Layne Gisi and Jody Larson of Mobridge and Joy Hahne of Trail City. Gisi and Larson were 19 years old when Many Horses died. Hahne was 17.

Martelís attorney, Charles Abourezk of Rapid City, said the family planned to ask for $1 million when the case went to trial in May.

Abourezk said all parties had agreed to keep terms of the settlement confidential. He said the settlement states that the three defendants must meet "face to face" with Martel.

"My client was pleased with the outcome of the case," Abourezk said. Martel "feels that the value of Robertís life was recognized by the terms of the settlement, which was the most important thing to her in the case," the attorney said.

In 1999, a circuit court judge dismissed criminal charges against Gisi, Larson and Hahne in connection with Many Horsesí death, citing insufficient evidence. An autopsy concluded Many Horses died of alcohol poisoning.

Many Horsesí death touched off accusations of racial inequity in the stateís justice system. The three defendants and one more person never faced criminal charges for the incident. Many Horseís body was discovered the morning after a night of drinking. He was found upside down in an alley garbage can in Mobridge. Many Horses was a physically challenged person who suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome.

The American Indian population in the state expressed emotions ranging from bewilderment to rage over the fact than none of the four involved were charged in the case.

The FBI and local investigators nor state DCI investigators found enough evidence to satisfy the judge to conduct a trial.

Stateís Attorney Dan Todd of Walworth County, where the crime was committed said that a few misdemeanors could be proven and then said the state had taken its best shot at prosecuting the case.

(Staff and Associated Press reports.)

June 2003 Pow-Wows:    

June 5-7 - Bois Forte Traditional Sah Gii Bah Gah Days Pow-wow
Location: Nett Lake, Minnesota.
Contact: Linda Tibbetts-Barto 218-757-0111 weekdays or

June 6-7 - 35th Annual Alabama-Coushatta Powwow Celebration
Location: Livingston, Texas.
Contact: Mary (936)329-8906 / Crystal (972)826-2138 /

June 6-8 - Annual Return to Pimiteoui Intertribal Pow-Wow
Location: Peoria, Illinois..
Contact: Visit or Email us at

June 7-8 - 5 Nations Powwow and Green Corn Festival
Location: Rockmart, Georgia.
Contact: Orphan Wolf Management at 770-402-8288 or 770-265-3853.

June 6-8 - Hounoring of Elders and Youth of Today
Location: Washoe Tribal Campgrounds, Gardnerville, Nevada.
Contact: For more information on vendors fees contact Angela Hunter by Phone from 8am-5pm Monday-Fri. @ (775)265-7501, or Richard Sallee @ (775)691-0345.

June 6-8 - Standing Bear Pow Wow
Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, California.
Contact: (616) 589-8414, or (616) 589-3181 Gene Albitre.

June 6-8 - Honouring the Elders and Youth of Today
Location: Washoe campground, Gardnerville, Nevada.
Contact: Angela Hunter for all details @ (775)265-7501 from 8am to 5pm western time.

June 6-9 - Traverse de Sioux First Annual Powwow, Conference, Gathering
Location: 20 miles southwest Sisseton, South Dakota.
Contact: For information on fees and space availability contact Betty Ann at 605-882-4176 or 605-882-4176.

June 7 - American Indian Cultural Celebration
Location: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
Contact: For more information about the American Indian Cultural Celebration, call (216) 524-1497 or (800) 445-9667 or visit

June 7-8 - 22nd Annual Yuba-Sutter Pow Wow
Location: Marysville, California.
Contact: James Graham (530) 749-6196, or email:

June 7-8 - 3rd Annual de ha lu yi Pow-wow
Location: USA Baseball Stadium, Millington, Tennessee.
Contact:,, 901-876-3900.

June 7-8 - 1st Annual Intertribal Native American Gathering
Location: Buckridge Park, 215 Tuttle Hill Road , Candor, New York 13743.
Contact:,, 888-321-3268 or you can contact silentbear at

June 13-14 - American Indian Cultural Association of North Carolina 25th Annual Powwow
Location: Van Hoy Family Campground, Union Grove, North Carolina.
Contact: Ed de Torres (828)464-5579, email:

June 13-15 - 5th Annual Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Pow Wow Celebration
Location: Mayetta, Kansas.

June 13-15 - Annual Sullivan County Traditional Native American Powwow
Location: Forksville, Pennsylvania.
Contact: Ulla Nass 570-924-9082.

June 13-15 - The Past teaching the Present
Location: Bay City Lake State Park, Mackinac County, Michigan.
Contact: Mackinac Bands, phone at 906-484-2098 web site,

June 13-15 - Powwow Under the Pines
Location: Crescent Lake Junction (Hwy 58), Oregon.
Contact: Crescent Creek Cottages at 541-433-2324 or Medicine Winds News at 541-783-3442 email:

June 13-15 - American Indian Education Center's 9th Annual Competition Powwow
Location: Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio.
Contact: 216-341-0000, e-mail:,

June 14 - The Spirit Lives On Contest Pow Wow 2003
Location: Sanostee, Dine Nation, New Mexico.
Contact: Phone: (505)368-3962 P.O Box 273 Sanostee, NM 87461.

June 14-15 -

Location: Golden Hill Paugusett Reservation Colchester, Connecticut.
Contact: Shiakoda Wolf Moon Qkalokqua by e-mail at or (860)873-1672.

June 14-15 - San Luis Rey 7th Annual Pow Wow
San Luis Rey Mission Grounds, Oceanside, California.
(760) 724-8505, e-mail:, web:

June 14-15 - 23rd Annual Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Pow-wow
Location: Salem County Fairgrounds State Hwy Rt 40 MC - Ezra Fields, Woodstown, New Jersey.
Contact: Phone # 856-455-6910.

June 20-21 - Sixth Annual Peoria Pow Wow
Location: Miami, Oklahoma.
Contact:, Peoria Tribal Office 918-540-2535.

June 20-22 - 3rd Annual Intertribal Osage River Pow Wow
Location: Miller County Fairgrounds, Eldon, Missouri.
Contact: Janet Dudley, 573-369-2710 or email

June 20-22 - Noongam Traditional Powwow
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Contact: Contact: (613)786-1552; e-mail:;

June 20-22 - 6th Annual Noongam Traditional Powwow
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Contact: (613)786-1552;;

June 21-22 - 8th Annual Two Sisters Pow Wow
Location: Rte 113, Pawtucket Blvd., Regatta Field, Lowell, Massachusetts.
Contact: AnnMarie Snowdreamer or Jackie Red Spirit Soaring at (987) 459-7214 email at

June 21-22 - 4th Annual Rocky Fork Traditional Open Powwow
Location: Kimbolton, Ohio.
Contact: Email:; Web Site:

June 21-22 - 4th Annual Saracen Memorial Traditional Benefit Pow Wow
Location: Regional Park, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Contact: Jimmie 870-879-1396 or Bill Horn 870-879-1066 , email Sue at

June 27-29 - 26th Annual Great Lakes Traditional Powwow
Location: Wilson, Michigan.
Contact: Karol Sagataw W 368 No,38th Rd Wilson,Mi 49896 (906) 466-5344 or Arlene Boelter W 594 Balsam Ln Wilson, MI 49896 (906) 466-8186.

June 27-29 - Camel Rock Casino Pow Wow
Location: Tesuque Pueblo, New Mexico.
Contact: More information go to

June 27-29 - Trade Days Festival
Location: Trade, Tennessee.
Contact: (229) 787-5180 evenings

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