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Midnight Howls - Dog and Wolf Dog Recipe Cookbook

written by Dee Stewart

30 Home cooked recipes for the health and happiness of your canine companion starting with a healthy puppy and ending with weight control for an older canine.  As an added bonus there are home health care remedies such as  flea control and skunk odor.  The cookbook is affordable, easy to understand, and each page is printable! 


Home Sweet Home

Home Care

Antibacterial Powder

Dog Oil Supplement

Lemon Flea Treatment

Sham Pup Shampoo

Skunk Odor Remover

Swimmer's Ear Formula

Urine Spots

Home Care Remedies  

Home Care

Emergency Situations Requiring Veterinary Care

Safe Over-The-Counter Medications

Home Treatments for :


Animals In Heat



Bad Breath

Broken Bones

Car Sickness




Flatulence (Gas)

Hot Spots

Insect Bites and Stings

Itchy Skin from Allergies


Puppy Diarrhea/Dogs with Soft Stool

Reduce Anal Sac Problems

Removing Burrs


Severe Bleeding

Skunk Spray

Stop Bleeding from a Nail Trim

Urinary Infections

  Puppy Delectable's

    Home Care

Puppy Bones

Puppy Formula

Puppy Go Away

Puppy Milk

Puppy Pretzels

 Dog and Wolf Dog Treats

Wolf Dog Biscuit's  

Bad Breath Biscuits

Begging For Bacon Bites

Cheese and Garlic Bites

Chicken Milk Bones

Diet Delight

Fattening Satin Balls

Flea Hater Biscuits

Guido's Beef Jerky

Kibble Delight

Liver Bribes

Microwave Dog Biscuits

Microwave Wolfy Doughnuts

Peanut Butter Treats

Trail Dog Biscuits

Training Treats

Wolf Dog Bones

Wolf Dog Biscuits

Wolfy Glazed Doggie Biscuits


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